Ben Hur Deposit

Ben Hur deposit is situated in North Laverton adjacent to the historic open pit -- King of Creation.

The Mineral Resources estimate of Ben Hur Deposit is based on the assay data from the historic data of 929 RC, and 191 infill RC drill holes completed in August 2012. The exploration for Ben Hur deposit was primarily on a 20m x 20m and 40m x 20m drilling pattern, grading to a 50m x 30m patterns at depth. The wireframes of the mineralisation have been delineated using Au grade (>0.2 g/t). A 1m composite data set for the domain was used for variography analysis and estimation. The Mineral Resources of Ben Hur deposit have been classified and reported in accordance with the 2012 JORC Code. A summary of the in-situ resources is shown in the table as follow:


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