Alpha Deposit


SRAL 100% owns the Alpha gold deposit located approximately 40 km East South-East of Laverton in Western Australia.

The geology of Alpha is comprised of foliated basalt and mafic schist. The upper tertiary surface can be up to 10 m thick. It includes recently deposited soil or hardband of up to 4 m. Beneath the surface layer is saprolite, which has been described as soft, machine-rippable, and indurated in places. Basement within the area is comprised of mafic vocanic rocks with interleaved narrow units of ultramafic rocks, some dolerite and interflow volcanogenic sediments.

 The Mineral Resources estimate of Alpha Deposit is based on the assay data from the historic data of 1349 RC, and 46 infill RC drill holes completed in February 2013. The exploration for Alpha deposit was primarily on a 20m x 20m dilling pattern, grading to a 25m x 60m pattern at depth. The Mineral Resources of Alpha deposit have been classified and reported in accordance with the 2012 JORC Code. A summary of the in-situ resources is shown in the table as follow:




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